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Malachite Triangular Cab

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Malachite Triangular Cab
Malachite Triangular Cab
Malachite Triangular Cab

Superb Natural Malachite triangular cab. Rich range of forest green tones in bands and swirls.

Malachite is an ore of copper. The bands are created from tint needle like crystals, packed together. The darker the bands, the more compact the formation of the crystals within the band.

Sometimes, some of the host rock the malachite formed on can be seen within the gem.

These cabs have traces of light grey host rock to one edge. Could be covered with a bezel mount or shown off, as you prefer.

Flat backed and polished on the faces only.

Selling individually, however they have been cut as a matched pair

29.7 x 19.1 x 5.3 mm and 30.2 x 19.4 x 5.2 mm

Price is per stone/each

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