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Iolite Sunstone Oval Cab

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Iolite Sunstone Oval Cab
Iolite Sunstone Oval Cab
Iolite Sunstone Oval Cab

Beautiful Iolite Sunstone oval cabs - selling individually as these would make stunning pendant stones.

Purple toned with sparkling orange crystals within the matrix of the stone, which really catch the light when moved. Iolite is Pleochroic, meaning it can display more than one shade depending on the angle it is viewed at. These display the purple/blue, grey and lighter tones depending on the light and position they are looked at.

The sparkle is pretty from these - not captured well in my photos. Especially good in artificial light and bright sunlight.

The cabs have a natural veils - please see photos. 

Both stones are flat backed and fully polished

39.1 x 14.2 x 4 mm @

Price per stone

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