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Aquamarine Rough 'Floater' Crystal

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Aquamarine Rough 'Floater' Crystal
Aquamarine Rough 'Floater' Crystal
Aquamarine Rough 'Floater' Crystal
Aquamarine Rough 'Floater' Crystal

Beautiful natural unheated, untreated Aquamarine rough 'Floater' Crystal.

Floater crystals form in the mineral melt during the cooling process. Typically, these do not have any attachment points and have some lovely, sparkling crystal faces.

Natural flaws and inclusions.

This one has a sort of 'sugary' look with some greyish aquamarine crystal formations - not as 'glassy' as some of the others as I have available.

Gorgeous stone in blue/green/grey tones.

Perfect focal stone for a contemporary design.

Brazilian material.

22.3 x 13.6 x 12.2 mm.

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