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Corona Virus Precautions

Jacqueline Austen

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Hi everyone!

I have been contacted by a few of you with regard to how I am processing orders etc, keeping in mind the current Corona Virus outbreak.

I thought it would be clearer for you all (and I hope give some comfort/reassurance) to those of you who are concerned, if I clearly define what precautions I am taking and also how the outbreak may affect the service I provide. I will, of course update you all if things change in any way x

1 - Firstly, we are all fit and well at Kingsclere Gems and I have no concerns that I or anyone else here who I am in contact with, has the virus.

2 - I am following NHS and government advice about hand washing and taking all precautions with cleaning door handles, surfaces and anything else I may come in contact with or your orders may come in contact with, with the appropriate cleaning materials. I am using ‘Hibiscrub’ a surgery grade cleanser for personal use as a soap and anti bacterial cleaning products for all surfaces.

3 - I have not been told about any planned post office closures which would disrupt your service. If there are any closures, I will let you know as soon as possible.

4 - School closures. If my children are effected by school closures, I have been informed that I would have to continue their schooling at home. I have four of them, with the eldest about to take his final GCSE exams in a few weeks. If the schools close, I will have to prioritise my family and be with them in the day time. I should be able to provide a reduced customer service in the evenings. I will keep you updated. I hope you will understand.

5 - My suppliers. Some of my suppliers have decided to increase the cost of their stones as a direct consequence of the viral out break. I am not quite sure how this can be justified, as I am not sure how vital stones are in the fight against the virus, however, please be assured I do NOT plan to up my prices at all. I have stopped ordering from those suppliers in the short term. I do have a good stock of gemstones, so I should be able to keep offering you stones to buy. The stones I have in stock at the moment, have been with me for a long time (years in many cases) and have not come in contact with the Corona Virus.

6 - Please look after yourselves and stay well.  

Jacqueline Austen xx

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